Frequently asked questions

Is this program legal?

Yes, the Federal Government along with HUD/FHA originated this work from home
opportunity program and decided to allow others as Third Party Processors to
assist them in locating the refund recipients of unclaimed refunds. Call
HUD/FHA (800) 697-6967 to verify.

What is the number and the amount of unclaimed refunds?

Most recent Government report states there are over 750,000 unclaimed cases
that are currently available to the public under the Freedom of Information Act
(FOIA). These unclaimed cases total more than $250 million and another $150
million of unclaimed refunds which are not 2 years aged yet. Most of which will
be available for one’s work at home business for the years to come.


Do you provide stamps and supplies?

No, we do not supply you with envelopes or stamps.  We do provide you with a mailing list with full names and addresses on it.  We also have pre-written letters that you send to the Claimants.

Why doesn’t  HUD/FHA locate these refund recipients themselves?

They attempt to, but are not efficient at such. Plus the administrative costs
are astronomical. It saves them $millions to allow Third Party Tracers to
locate these refund recipients.

Why have these FHA borrowers not collected their refunds?

There a variety of interrelated reasons. One, the borrower did not understand
the mortgage insurance policy or merely forgot since the loan occurred years
ago. Two, the Lender at a subsequent sale or refinancing did not inform them of
their possible refund eligibility and/or the Lender forgot or delayed informing
HUD that the insurance was terminated. Third, it takes the Government months to
process the insurance termination and then sends a notice to the borrower at
the address of the property which was insured. By this time, the borrower has
moved and never receives the notice.

How do I locate and contact these refund recipients?

There are many conventional methods which are still very effective. However,
with the advent of the Internet and its powerful tools, locating individuals
has become more efficient esp. with the ability to locate one’s email address
to initiate first contact.

What is the average refund amount?

The average refund amount ranges from $800 to $1200. Mattering on how you set
your fee, you could earn $200 to over $300 for each refund you process.

How do I establish the processing fee for my services?

Most processors charge between 15% to 20% for their services. Some processors
prefer to charge a flat or fixed fee. Remember, this is your own work from home
business and your decision.


What will prevent a client from calling HUD/FHA directly and doing this themselves?

During initial contact, you always mention that they have an unclaimed asset
(vs saying refund) and do not mention HUD/FHA until they agree to hire your
services and sign a Contract for payment of your services. Our program for this
work at home opportunity will show you how to possibly get paid in advance or
paid before they can accept the refund check.

Is this refund taxable to the recipient?

No, the refund amount does not need to be reported as income.

Can I keep my present job and start part-time?

Yes. We recommend you start out part-time with this work from home opportunity
Remember, this is not a get rich scheme, but a viable and profitable real job
to supplement your income by working from home.. If you are dedicated and as
you become more proficient you might consider working this full-time. The
decision is yours.

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